FEB/MAR 2017



Father Carlos Morales

"For 10 yrs
I had very deep experiences, but suddenly I left all and lost myself. 
Two yrs ago I felt presence of the saint in the form of light who wanted to take
me back.  In a moment I realized there is a spiritual battle for our souls"- Z.L.


I had for 10 yrs very deep experiences, but suddenly I left all and lost myself.  Two years ago I felt presence of the saint in the form of light who wanted to take me back.  In a moment I realized there is a spiritual battle for our souls, I saw a hell and heaven and all changed. But I was pulled back so strong by the enemy that I fell many times.  Over course of time I felt support of the heaven, many signs I had from my angel guardian, things materialized as a warning to be alert and before trials even an unknown man in the street suddenly told me 'Is everything clear to you'.  But my faith was not strong, it was terrible battle between me and enemy and I had full support, but I acted stupidly, I was healed from mental and
physical ailments, but fell again. So many times I failed and it was always drastic and I knew God has a plan for me.  But then, knowing all this, losing my faith, feeling left, I was not left, I did commit very immoral sin, ever since I lost my contact with spirit, I can not repent, physically I feel ruined.  I read there is unpardonable sin if one with full consciousness commits sins, I knew everything and yet I did it. I go regularly in church, confess my faults, but feel no way out.  Please help with advice.  I was invited to be part of this spiritual revolution, I saw it, now all went totally wrong.   I remember how God forgave my sins when I didn't know what I was doing, now it is different.  I had a call from God and I saw what is not really easy to see.  Yet, I sinned terribly.  Thank you. -   Z.J.



The unforgivable sin as described in the New Testament (the Christian scriptures) does NOT apply to you at this time in your life. 

In the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 12, Verse 10, Luke writes Jesus' words down for us: 
"Everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but the one who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven."   If you had truly committed the unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, you would not be writing to me today.  Those who have committed this unforgivable sin do not care if they are forgiven for they cannot repent and have no feelings or concern about their relationship with God.  Since you have great love for God despite your own weakness and sinfulness, you have NOT committed this unforgivable sin.  And despite your own doubts about the infinite mercy of God, your concern for your salvation means that you are still in touch with God's mercy.  Remember what I have written:  those who have committed the unforgivable sin do not care about God's love for them at all.  They do not repent because they do not believe at all.  They do not care about heaven and hell because they don't believe in their eternal destination after death.  You are not in that group.  You ache for God's mercy, you actively seek God's love, and you are concerned for your salvation in Jesus Christ.  These are signs that you are following God with your heart and soul and not turning your back on Him who created you no matter what sins you have committed.  So get back on track. 

Continue to ask forgiveness of your sins, continue to get on your knees in prayer, continue to trust in Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  Be humble before the Lord.  In the Letter of James, Chapter 4, Verse 10, it is written: 
"Humble yourselves before the Lord and He will exalt you."  You have stated that you have had deep mystical experiences of God's presence in your life, even communicated spiritually with angels.  Then you know about God's love and mercy.  Trust in God's mercy, the mercy you have seen with your soul's eyes.  You are loved beyond human description! 

God knows your struggles.  Trust in Him.  You have your place in heaven.  In the Gospel of John, Chapter 14, Verse 1, Jesus says this: 
"Do not let your hearts be troubled.  You have faith in God, have faith also in Me.  In my Father's house, there are many dwelling places (mansions).  If there were not, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you?"  Be at peace and stop obsessing on your weakness.  Instead, obsess on the mercy of God which lasts forever.    -  Father Carlos Morales


"Can God change the future of my girlfriend's life?

-  Tenang


Father Carlos:

Can God change the future? I am really worried about my girlfriend's life.  Sometimes people speak ill of her for nothing and I believe that God is the who will never let the wrong things happen what people speak ill of her and I'm afraid for her life and my only hope is God.  Father, can my prayer change her life?  -  Tenang



God cannot change the future because the future has NOT happened yet.  I want you to be clear about this issue of praying for God to change the future.  God does not predestine us to a particular road of life.  I have free will.  I make my own destiny.  I make my own future.  God does NOT make my future or anyone's else's future.  I make my own future.  Your girlfriend makes her own future, not God.  Your girlfriend is in charge of her own destiny.  Your girlfriend is making her own future and God does not interfere in her own life decisions.  I do appreciate your care and concern for her.  I appreciate your love for her.  You don't want anything bad to happen to her.  You want her to have a wonderful and bright future.  But that is not up to you nor to God.  It is up to her to make her future wonderful and happy.  So, you can help her make the right decisions for her future by standing by her, listening to her, and even advising her when you think she is making bad decisions that will impact her future.  You can help her make a better future.  Now, as to people saying negative and hurtful things about her, please know that other people's opinions about your girlfriend is really irrelevant to her and you.  People can say all sorts of negative things about you and her, but so what?  You have to answer to God for your decisions and your life.  But others do not truly understand your life and feelings.  There is no need to defend yourselves against people who know nothing about you.  At the same time, I hope you think about what people say to make sure that you are not doing something destructive for your own future.  But don't focus and obsess on the bad comments that others can say about you or your girlfriend.  Focus on God's love for everyone and help your girlfriend make a great and happy future through your listening to her and helping her.  Remember, God cannot change the future because the future has NOT happened yet.  Our future is in our hands.  - Father Carlos Morales

"During Confession I forget the complete Act of Contrition.
 Is that a valid confession?"  -  Jose

Father Carlos:

During confession when the priest ask you to pray the  act of contrition and you do not know or forget the complete prayer. Is that a valid confession?  After confession I was able to pray the complete prayer.  Thanks you for your answer - Jose



Your act of going to confession (the Sacrament of Penance/Reconciliation) is in itself an "act of contrition."  The sacrament of Penance is valid when there is true contrition of sin, an open heart to repentance, and receiving the sacramental absolution given by the priest confessor.  And your prayer stating your act of contrition (asking forgiveness) doesn't necessarily have to be a set prayer or formal prayer from a prayer book or catechism.  You can say any impromptu prayer of repentance before receiving absolution.  Even your so-called incomplete formal prayer of contrition is acceptable for a valid confession because even though you were probably nervous about confession, the prayer came from the heart (which is what God wants from you).  Be at peace.  Your confession is valid!  God's mercy is richly bestowed upon you because you are truly loved as you are forever!  Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.  Alleluia!  - Father Carlos Morales

"My husband and I are pre-planning our burial arrangements
and want to know if we (both Catholic) must be buried in a
Catholic cemetery.  - Clare


My husband and I are pre-planning our burial arrangements and want to know if we (both Catholic) must be buried in a Catholic cemetery.  I prefer a particular cemetery which is not a diocesan cemetery and therefore not consecrated ground.  I think that at the gravesite, the priest blesses the ground.  Is that sufficient?  Thank you, Clare



In my archdiocese, you can be buried at any cemetery.  Though being buried in a Catholic cemetery is like being buried in a church because the ground and the area of the cemetery is consecrated for the sacred use of Christians who have died awaiting the resurrection of the dead at the end of time.  But, as you stated correctly, the deacon, priest, or bishop blesses and consecrates the grave that your body will be placed in any cemetery.  Please be at peace as you plan for future events such as your death.  You are wise to do so as not to burden your surviving family members with such details.  I am sure that you still have a long life ahead of you!
  -   Father Morales

"In 1995 I was stricken with mental illness OCD.  Over
time, stricken with Borderline Personality Disorder. 
Why doesn't God want to help me?  Why?  - James



In 1995 I was stricken with the mental illness OCD. I've also, over time, been stricken with Borderline Personality Disorder. Everything I do has been hard, extremely hard. Took me 6 years to get through college. I had to rack up 200k in debt. I can't pay it back. I made it to graduate school, but my mental illness prevented me from finishing. Along the way I worked retail from 2004 to 2011 when I got fired. Couldn't find work again until 2013 and I got laid off. In 2015 I broke my back, spent the whole year walking with a cane and in bed. In 2016 I had surgery and spent the year recovering.  I am dirt poor. I have mental illness. I can't find work. I can't get help from the government. My mom died in 2008 and I've tried to help my aging father. But I can't. I have no friends, I've only had one real relationship and I am constantly alone.  The one constant, for the last 22 years is that's I've prayed. I've said rosaries, chaplets, gone to mass, tried to be a good Christian and the only thing that changes is that things get worse. Because our family desperately needs help and no one will hire me in my small town, I prayed a 54 day rosary novena asking to win the lottery or somehow come into money. We have no running water, our house is falling apart, our livestock is getting inadequate treatment, and we can't repair our car.  Every day we have something happen.  My question: obviously God said no to my prayers. Why? Is it because He doesn't listen to the mentally ill, or that I'm just meant to suffer? As I get older I don't see the point of living.  I have nothing, not even my health anymore. Why?  - James



God has not said "no" to your prayers.  On the contrary, He knows exactly what you need before you ask Him.  In the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 6, Verse 8, Jesus says this:  "Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him." 

Then Jesus went on to teach His disciples the prayer, The Our Father.  I want to commend your focus on prayer and your trust that God is with you and your family and will fulfill your needs and the needs of your animals and livestock.  I also am humbled by your faith and trust in God despite your many obstacles that lay before you.  You are an amazing person, with an amazing ability to overcome and survive despite what has happened to you.  You continue to go forward in knowing that all will be made good for you and your family.  I feel your frustration through your words.  But God has accepted your prayer, feels your aching heart, and sees your suffering and appreciates it because His Son, Jesus, suffered on the cross for all of us.  As to the timing of your answered prayer, I cannot tell you.  

But your prayers will be answered.  Your prayer to win the lottery jackpot may or may not be answered, but you will have what you will need to live and go forward as you have so far despite the insecurity of not knowing how you will pay the bills the next day.  Yet each day, despite the negative, something positive happens.  It is these little blessings in disguise that show that God is with you. 

God has not said "no" to you.  He is saying "yes" to you.  Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) often times makes a person focus solely on the negative and the bad.  OK, then, let's work with what you have.  Make your OCD focus on the good around you.  Change the obsessiveness of your brain to focus on the good.  Each day, make a list of the good things you see. 

Let's start simply by writing down another sunrise.  Give thanks for the warmth of the sun and the light of a new day.  Focus on that.  Then focus on the love of your parents and your animals and livestock have for you.  Focus on the food and sustenance that you have and give thanks.  Focus on the times that people have helped you in small ways.  Start a new habit of obsessiveness by focusing on the good and not on the bad.  This will take a lot of work on your part. 

But you have done so much already.  You work hard in trying to control your own reactions to things around you.  Don't give up. Once you change the direction of your OCD in a positive way, you will begin to see how God is answering your prayers and needs.  Make your OCD work for you.  You are an amazing person!  You will overcome! - Father Morales


"While growing up I was taught God assigned each person
a guardian angel.  If a guardian angel does exist, why do we
experience these entities from taking over our lives and causing
bad/horrible things from occurring? - Tim

Father Carlos:

My question is this, growing up we were always taught God assigned each individual person a guardian angel, or an angel sent to protect you from harm, and I realize God has a plan and some forms of physical harm may not be interfered with. My question revolves around attachment, especially that of a negative or evil entity. If a guardian angel does exist, why do we experience these entities from taking over our lives and causing bad/horrible things from occurring, why would a guardian angel not protect us from this? How can demonic presences overtake these angels sent specifically to protect us?  Sincerely, - Tim




The idea of guardian angels for each of us comes from Psalm 91, Verse 13:  "For to His angels He has given command about you, that they guard you in all your ways."  And there are many other biblical verses that attest to angels protecting us on our journey through life.  I don't always understand how the spiritual world works, but I do now that God never abandons us.  Some may abandon God, but God never fails to love us no matter what.  As to how evil entities, demonic presences, get attached to some at times, I do not know how this works.  But I do know from the testimonies of those that have battled with the demonic entities that the Spirit of God always wins out.  Victory is in Jesus Christ and His Blood shed for us.  God protects us, but He can't protect us from ourselves since we have free will and freely make decisions that have consequences in our lives and the lives of others around us.  That is the suffering you have mentioned in your question.  Bad things that happen to us often come at the hands of others and myself.  But as to the mystery of demonic entities attacking good people, I don't have a good answer for the reason why.  I just now that God always delivers and intervenes when necessary to save those who trust in Him alone.  That is what faith is all about:  believing and trusting in God despite not knowing all the answers to my questions and doubts.  With my faith in God, I can go forward and not look back.  And I know that God is with me by the presence of His angels which are manifestations and emanations of His divine power.  -  Father Carlos Morales


"I have 16 brothers and one sister.  My father was an alcoholic and my
mom has told so many lies but I believe that it is only to survive.  I
pray every night for my family so that I can get along with
Is it a sin to think about suicide?" - Mammabert


Father Carlos:

I have talked to so many priests  about fighting in my family.  I have 16 brothers and sister, my father was an alcoholic and my mom has told so many lies but I believe that it is only to survive.  I love my family with all my heart but I really don’t like they way they fight, so I stay away and try not to get involved in the chaos.  I have been told by other Priests that I need to call my Mom.  I know it is God’s Commandment to Honor your Father and Mother but if she is causing so much trouble and also causing you so much stress isn’t it better to stay away than to let your feeling turn into something poor.  I pray for my family every night and that I can get along with them because the problem could very well be me that can't seem to get along with them.  Please give me your opinion.  I would like to not have any contact with them.  There is so much more that I could put in here that has gone wrong and I am just now seeking counselling but I know where it all stems from and that is my family.  Is it a sin to think about suicide?  Thank you for your help.  Mammabert



I am saddened to hear that your family relationships are chaotic and painful to you.  I am sorry to hear of your suffering.  I am happy to know that you are seeking counseling for your concerns and your relationships with family members. 

At this time, it may be best to limit your time with your family until things calm down.  It may be best to stay away from your family members until you have the personal skills to deal with the tensions and stresses that you have.  You can get these skills by going to counseling and staying faithful in meeting with your counselor.  You must take counseling with a serious intent for counseling to work.  I am so grateful to God that you are praying for your family members!  That is the best thing you can do right now.  And pray for yourself so that you can gain understanding of why your family acts the way they do. 

As to your other question about "thinking" about suicide, most people I know have had feelings of despair that make them think about suicide.  Thinking is not the same as doing, so thinking in itself is not a sin.  But thinking is always the cause of action.  That's why counseling will help you in not only gaining the skills of communication you need to have a good relationship with your family members, it will also help you in understanding why you think the way you do.  Thinking is not sinful in itself.  Acting against God's Will is always sinful.  Thinking about suicide may not be sinful, but when the thoughts of despair come, it is important that you talk it out with someone so that you can get control of any thoughts that might drive you to an action that you will regret. 

Meanwhile, it is best in keeping the commandment to honor your parents by maintaining a safe distance until you can get control of how you react to them and your family members.  You are in my prayers and thoughts this day. -   Father Carlos Morales


"I am a Catholic, my partner is not. She is pregnant but the baby
is not well.  I'm worried about my soul if she decides it's best to
abort. Can you advise me? - Barry

Father Carlos:

Can you advise me?  I am a Catholic, my partner is not. She is pregnant but the baby is not well.  Her mental health is suffering badly. While I am very against abortion I am worried about her mental health. I can't agree to abortion to I'm worried about my sole if she decides it's best to abort. Baby has downs we can cope with that but also has bad heart and hole in heart. - Barry



You say that you are Catholic but you do not mention if you are married.  You mention the word, partner, in describing the mother of your child.  If your "partner" decides to procure an abortion, she is responsible before God for this murderous act.

It doesn't matter if the child has some kind of disability or health problem.  That child, made in the image and likeness of God for a specific purpose in this particular time, has a special destiny.  You must do all you can to stop her from making this decision of abortion even though she may be suffering from mental illness.  If need be, your child can be placed with adoptive parents that have the ability to deal with children with disabilities or health problems.

What does this mean for you?  If your partner decides to have an abortion, you cannot pay for it, you cannot drive her to the medical facility that would procure an abortion, you must not participate in any way to procure this abortion.  To do so would also make you responsible for the sin of abortion and cause you to be excommunicated automatically from the Church.  Please do your best to stop any decision for abortion.  The child must be born.  Then God will take care of the rest.  Any health problems will be solved.  And any other disabilities can be worked with.  Trust in God.  Do not despair.  Remember, your child has a destiny to fulfill!       Father Carlos Morales


"Can it be possible that somebody whom the Church considers
to be a Saint is, in fact, damned or simply not Holy? - Elis

Hello Father:

I would like to find out whether some people recognized as saints by the Catholic Church may in fact not be saints or may even be in hell. Basically if the Church could have made a mistake in their regard, or wether it would be supernaturally protected from making a wrong decision in this case. I know that the canonization process is long and complex, but it's also true that in the Middle Ages a lot of people were declared saints about whom there's a doubt as to whether they actually existed, like saint Christopher. But my question is, can it be possible that somebody who the Church considers to be a saint is, in fact, damned or simply not holy? Thank you!"  - Elis



When the Church declares a person to be a "saint," meaning that the person is in heaven (and can intercede for us in prayer before Jesus Christ our one Mediator before the Father), and their life is considered to be an example of Christian faith in action, the Church cannot make a mistake in this matter.

Let me explain how the canonization process works.  When a person is being considered for sainthood, a long process is begun in three steps, servant of God, beautification, and then the proclamation (canonization) of sainthood. 

 When the pope, the bishop of Rome and the successor of Peter, declares a person to be a saint from the chair of Peter (ex cathedra), there is no error.  How did we come to this conclusion?  Jesus gave Peter (and his successors, the successive bishops of Rome) the keys of the kingdom of heaven. 

In the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 16, Verse 18, Jesus made this promise and statement to Peter:  "And so I say to you, you are Peter (rock), and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it.  I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven.  Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." 

In another New Testament verse, in the First Letter to Timothy, Chapter 3, Verse 15 (I Timothy 3:15, it is written that "the household of God which is the Church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth."  Since Peter and his successors, the bishops of Rome, have been given the keys of the kingdom to bind or loose anything on earth in Jesus' Name, when the pope declares "ex cathedra" a truth, it is without error.  Very rarely does the pope DEFINE a truth from the chair of Peter.  To define a truth from the chair of the bishop of Rome, there has to be agreement among the bishops of the world so that together, all might proclaim the truth.  When the pope teaches something about the teachings of the Church for a particular time and place, it carries the weight of the pastor of the universal Church, but is not necessarily free from error.  When the pope declares and define a truth as immutable from the chair of Peter, then it is without error by the promise of Jesus.  For the keys of the kingdom of God to bind or loose belong to Peter and his successors.  When the pope declares and defines that a deceased person is a saint from the chair of Peter, he does so in communion with the bishops of the world, and there is no error or mistake made by Jesus' promise of infallibility. 

Now, to answer another question, not all proclamations of popes are infallible.   Only those made from the chair (ex cathedra).  For example, here are some infallible statements of the Church:  the Creed, the salvific nature of the one act of sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for the salvation of all true believers,  the nature of Jesus Christ as God and man in one person, Mary as the mother of God and man, Jesus Christ (the Council of Ephesus), the descriptions of the seven sacraments and their spiritual powers and graces (baptism, confirmation, penance, Eucharist, marriage, holy orders, anointing of the sick), the setting of the bible in two sections, the Hebrew (Old) and Christian (New)Testaments (the Council of Nicea).  Even the simple term, Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, is an infallible statement made by the early Church.

So, when the pope declares and defines a person to be in heaven and a saint, there is no mistake or error in that declaration from the chair of Peter in communion with the bishops of the world.  And if a pope is considered incapacitated by illness or other mental "defect," he cannot make any proclamations from the chair of Peter.  This is determined by a process in canon law.    I hope this is helpful for you.    -     Father Carlos Morales

"If Jesus said blasphemy against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven,
how could we be told that good works can get that person to
?" - Julia


I have two questions: one about salvation, the other about free will.  My first question is that, if Jesus said blasphemy against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven, a concept which I have trouble with due to God's mercy, how could we be told that good works can get a person to Heaven- even if they have heard of God and choose not to believe. Would this itself be considered blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (choosing to not believe in Him)? I do not understand how the Pope could say that they can be forgiven by good works, if they choose to not follow Him.  Secondly- God had a plan for us, and we went against this plan (Adam & Eve) with free will.  On an everyday basis, we tend to use statements similar to "it's God's Will," and "just trust that this is what God wants for you"...but how do we know that we are doing what God wants us to do or if we are following His plan for us when we completely strayed from His plan from the start.  If you don't understand these questions, I can reword them. Thank you!  -  Julia



Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is not just one sinful act.  It is a lifelong decision to turn one's back on the mercy of God.  How can God forgive someone who doesn't want it?  That's what the unforgivable sin is:  the inability to accept God's forgiveness even on one's deathbed. 

God is mercy infinite.  There is no limit to God's mercy.  But if a person, through free will, does not want the mercy and forgiveness of God, then God will not force Himself and His mercy on anyone.  Love is free and two way.  I love God freely and He loves me in return.  But if a person chooses not to love God and wants nothing to do with Him, God respects that decision too.  That's why there is a hell:  there can be no true love without a choice. 

I chose, through my faith, my destiny in heaven or hell.  God doesn't send me to heaven or hell.  I send myself.  The sin against the Holy Spirit is really a life long decision to have no relationship with God at all.  But if I chose Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and make that faith alive in my actions, I have my place in heaven.  Heaven is not for perfect people.  No such thing as a perfect person except Jesus Christ Himself.  Heaven is for those forgiven by the one act of complete obedience on the cross, and those who accept that forgiveness freely. 

Yet, no one can judge anyone.  That's is not our place in the world.  I cannot judge the faith of another person, nor can I judge what another person's relationship with God is.  The fruits of my relationship with God can be seen in my actions.  If I am truly a follower of Jesus Christ, then it will show. 

In the Letter of James, Chapter 2, Verse 14 (James 2:14), James writes this scripture verse:  "What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works?  Can faith save him?...(Verse 17) So also faith of itself, if it does not have works, is dead....(Verse 26) For just as a body without a spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead."   Yet, even though someone may not proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, their actions show that they are in union with God as they know Him. 

Being a Christian doesn't necessarily mean you are going to heaven (Christians can later denounce God and His mercy).  Being a child of God in everything insures your entrance to heaven because Jesus died for all of us and washes us in His Blood because we are children of God.  If a child of God doesn't acknowledge God and His mercy, then we leave judgment of that person to God. 

It is not my place to judge anyone, nor to put limits on God's mercy.  I can't say that someone who is not Christian is not going to be saved.  That's God's call and way beyond "my pay grade."  What matters to me is that I am in a salvific relationship with Jesus Christ, that I make Jesus Christ present through my life and actions.  I cannot speak for anyone else.  I can only speak for my relationship with God.  I answer to God for my actions and my faith in action.  As to others, I place them in the mercy of God's Hands.  We know His will for our lives because we know His words in the gospels and the Father's voice in all of sacred scriptures.  Through faith, we can know God's Will for us.  The more you read scriptures, the more you know the mind of God.   And knowing the mind of God means you know what God wills for your life.  As yourself, I do not like the platitudes such as "it's God's will" or "this is what God wants of you" when things and events become painful and confusing.  A disciple of Christ says instead, "how can I make this work as a blessing for others and myself."  That's the will of God:  work with what we have and make something great happen for others and ourselves for the glory of God.  That can happen when I have faith in God and realize that God believes in me to be His presence and hands in the world.   - Father Carlos Morales


"I have been fighting many temptations.  Can one sin, after
all my effort to avoid sin, really send me to the fires of hell for
ALL ETERNITY (that is, if the sin is not confessed prior to death)?" 


CatholicView Staff:

I just had a question about the faith in general.  I have been fighting many temptations lately, and I have to say it's very tiring.  The other day, I fell to one.  It took about 5 minutes to commit this sin.  I met all 3 requirements of mortal sin.  Can one sin, after all my effort to avoid sin, really send me to the Fires of Hell for all eternity; if the sin is not confessed prior to death?  OR am I being scrupulous?  I feel like I'm doomed if this is the case.  I have no hope of making it to Heaven.  I put all this effort into glorifying God and then one or two little mistakes will ruin it all.  Thanks for this service, it means the world.  - Jayden


When you sin you must seek forgiveness as soon as possible.  As a Christian Catholic you know this.  And this is what God wants of you.  The big question that should arise in your heart and soul is IF you sin and do nothing about that sin without praying and asking for forgiveness.  You are taking the big chance that should tell you if you hold onto sin and you die you will lose your soul forever.   Sadly many people allow days, weeks and even years to go by without seeking and renewing their souls for sins committed.  Why?  None of us know what day our lives will end in sin and we will not be able to enter eternal heaven with those sins on our souls.  Sadly, it will be too late.  Please, don't let this happen! 

You asked if you are doomed to hell because of your current sin.  What do you want to do with this sin or sins?  Do not let Satan win and take you to Hell. Our Bible tells  us as Christians we must repent of sin and move forward to serve the Lord for life is not promised to any of us and as you and I both know, it is possible for us to die without seeking that forgiveness God wants to give you if you hold onto what Satan tells you. 

Romans 6:23 reads:  "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord".  Do something about your sin.  Where is your faith?  Do not let it be said "too late" to enter God's Heaven! 

Don't lose hope; get forgiveness!  James 2:10 says,  "For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all."  And then, Romans 6:23 tells us  "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

Why are you waiting?  You are a living, breathing man, Jayden, so use this time for forgiveness and feel the goodness of God as He forgives you.  Let the Holy Spirit bring peace to your heart.  Hope this helps you to move forward.  God be with you during this time.    -  CatholicView Staff 


"I am a widow in my 70's have been dating a 70 year old widower
Is it a grievous offense if we were to be intimate with each other?"
 - Mary


CatholicView Staff:

I am a Catholic and a widow in my 70's.  I recently began seeing a widower who is also in his 70s and Catholic. Is it a grievous offense if we were to be intimate with each other? - Mary



Yes, it is a grievous offense to be intimate with each other without the bond of marriage.   As both of you are Catholic Christians, you would be an offense to God.  If you love each other, then you must marry.  Intimate relations without marriage is sinful in God's eyes. If you cannot exercise self-control, you both should marry.  Read 1 Corinthians 7:2 "To the unmarried and the widows I say that it is well for them to remain single as I am. But if they cannot exercise self-control, they should marry.  For it is better to marry than to be aflame with passion"

Please talk to your priest about your situation. - CatholicView Staff


"Can God forgive me for what I have
done in the past?" - Rachal



How do I get over my past? And does God forgive me for what I've done? - Rachal



Thank you for posting your question.   If you are sincerely asking for forgiveness, God will forgive you of ALL past sins.  But know that God wants you to express sorrow for your past and your promise to avoid further sin.  Pray to Him right away and ask for His forgiveness.  Do not delay.  You did not say if you are Catholic and if so, please talk to your parish priest about this.  Neither cling to the past or spend time worrying about former actions.  Move on to the future, living the life that God wants all of us to have.  All the Lord asks is that “you go and sin no more” and fully mean it.

Be at peace knowing that our God Who loves you will forgive you as far to the "East as it is to the West".   But you must validate that forgiveness by turning away from all sinful behavior in the future.  Please go forward now in peace, holding on to the precious hope of eternal life.  May the Lord bless you abundantly as you move ahead with our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Peace be with you!  - CatholicView Staff





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