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    Fr. Arthur Carrillo, C.P.
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. Kevin Bates, SM

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February/March 2015 Questions


 "I fell into drinking and having fun with my
husband, his family and friends.  I feel I
have failed God during Lent.  How can
I forgive myself?"
 - Adeline

"I am a recently remarried widow.  My husband
and I wanted to visit my deceased husband's
brother who said my husband was not welcome
at his home.  Should we avoid them?" - Fran

"I go to Mass each week but was unable
to attend this Sunday because of the weather. 
I watched it online.  Does this count"?
 - Santiago

"Is turkey considered meat for Lent?" - Ariana

"I am overwhelmed taking care of my mother
and visiting my father at a nursing home.
What can I do for peace?
- Susan

"Can a priest be able to bless an ocean
and it becomes Holy Water?" - Ariel

"What is the purpose of the Hand Cross? 
Why didn't the congregation say the Filioque
during Mass?" - Hunter

"I cannot receive communion or reconciliation
because I am divorced and remarried. My
husband also refuses to get his annulment. 
Any hope of forgiveness?"  - Terri

"I was married in the Church and am having
surgery.  Can I submit a document to pull the
plug if I become a vegetable or is this a sin?"
  - Thomas

"I am an actor but make my living playing
online poker.  Is playing poker a sin?"
 - Steve

"Can someone baptize themselves" - Roy

'I am concerned that at the Vatican invokes
"Lucifer" when chanted in Latin.  What is the
Church's position on this? - Carl

"There will be a "Solemn Liturgy on Good Friday. 
What is the Latin Rite Catholic defination of a
Solemn Liturgy?" - Steve

"I felt hatred for a terrorist and wanted him hung. 
But my hatred became love after reading about his
repentance for his offences.  Will God answer my
prayers for him?" - Clarin


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