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MAY/JUNE 2016 Questions
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"I am new to the Catholic faith and looking for a way of doing self
mortification as a form of prayer.  I tried using a hairshirt and a
metal cilice around my waist.  Is it a sin to wear a cilice without
permission from a spiritual director?"  - Keith

"I made a promise tp God that I would stop cutting
myself but it does not say anywhere it is a grave sin. 
Am I going to hell for this?"  Ryan

"I am Catholic but my girlfriend is not but is a baptized
Christian and does not want to convert to Catholicism.  If
we marry outdoors will my church accept this?"  Christopher

"My teenage son has been diagnosed with major depressive
disorder and has suicidal thoughts.  He does not want to attend
Mass.  What should I do?" - Mary

"My wife was recently told by her doctor that because
of her recent 3 miscarriages she should prevent
pregnancy for a year.  Should we do NFP?" - Matthew

"I moved in with my boyfriend, and later got married traditionally
but not in Church.  We are both Catholics.  We later got married
civilly.  I have asked him for a Church wedding but he is opposed
to this.  Please advise?" - Stella

"My husband's sister is 59 years old, has no job or
any savings and relies on my husband to support
her.  Are we obligated  to keep supplying her with
money?"  - Lorrie

"Why do we Catholics have to say so many Hail Marys and
 other prayers for our sin, when Jesus asked no prayers from
the adulteress woman.  Does not make sense.  Thanks." - Vince

"God has forbidden us to eat pork or any part of the pig.
Christians told me it was fine to do so.  Shouldn't Catholics
not eat pork?   Is God testing us?"  - Michael

"Are St. Mathew, St. Mark, St. Luke, and St. John
considered Angels?" - Geriann

"Our oldest son has shared with us that he is
hearing God speak to him.  How do we handle
this?"  - Vicki

"After going to confession, the next day I blurted out, "God,
 those people are loud in a restaurant". Is that taking the
Lord's name in vain when I didn't mean to?" -  Colleen

"I am a stay at home mom. homeschooling mother of 5 young
children in ages from 7 months- to eight years old via c-sections. 
NFP has not been successful for us, but I feel like we have discerned
that abstinence is not a good for us either. Please advise. -  Melissa

 "I am Catholic and someone stated they were Catholic but
not under Rome.  They have married priests and open to
all social issues.  This person said her church is connected
to the Catholic Church.  Can you clarify this?" - Jeanne

"My sister has a 20 year old son who doesn't live with
her and missed mass this pass Sunday.  He got belligerent
when she reprimanded  him.  What is the right approach in
this situation with my nephew?"
  -  Rosemary

"My brother-in-law is very near death and not aware of much
going on around him.  He left the Catholic Church when he
married in his 20's but recently went to mass with us.  Should
I speak up and suggest he receive the Last Rights?" - Mary

"I need a clear meaning or interpretation of the biblical
verse, Jeremiah 29:11.   How do we come to know God's
will for us?"  -  Richard

"Two months ago I realized I was hurting my relationship
with God by doing masturbation.  What should I do?" - Jenan

"My husband and I married in a civil ceremony.  We are both
 Catholic.  My husband grew distant as I grew closer in God. 
When his mother passed he divorced me.   What are my

"Evening masses at my parish are frequently offered by a priest
with a very thick accent.  I may have heard him incorrectly, but I
am positive that he said that Mary herself is not only the Immaculate
Conception but also the incarnate form of the Holy Spirit. This didn’t
agree with any theology that I had ever been taught. Comments?
 - John





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