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    Fr. Arthur Carrillo, C.P.
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. Kevin Bates, SM

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CatholicView's "Ask a Priest"  receives voluntary support 
from above priests who have taken time out 
from their respective parish duties to answer your questions.

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"Is it permissible to have a Children’s Christmas
(short) play during Mass?"  - Carol

"What is money usury and is it sinful?" - Jemma

Someone told me he had committed a serious crime. 
Should I report it to the police?" - Rnevsimal                              

"I am in need of help.  I am afraid I will be
 thrown into hell.   Can you help me?"  Rena

 "If I accepted Christ as Savior in a Baptist Church and
baptized, can I still be saved though I choose to remain
Baptist? - Jeff

"I woke last week and took a shower.  When drying
 myself I noticed a black crucifix on my right arm.  I
tried to wash it off to no avail.  Can you shed some
light on this?" - Ann                               

My wife and I married in the civil court fourteen years
ago but now she wants a divorce.  We have two
children.  She is unfaithful.  What should I do?"  - Rick

'I have a prostate condition and my doctor suggested
trying a Prostate Massager to clear up the pain.  Is
this sinful to use this device?"  - Rusty

"My husband and I divorced two years ago.  He was
having an inappropriate affair while married to me. 

Our marriage was not annuled so can he be married
by her uncle who is a Catholic Priest? - Charisse

"Is an emotional affair a mortal sin if the two people
have never met?" - Siennarva

"I am Catholic mother of 6, married for 24 years.
My husband and I not been intimate for two years
 and live from paycheck to paycheck.  Should I
get a divorce?" - Mary

"My boyfriend and I ended things.  Will God
punish me for turning to a spirit guide for
help?" - Christina

"My wife and I were christened into the Russian Orthodox
Church in Alaska.  I am still drawn toward the Catholic
Church. What is the process?"  - Danny

"Do you know when a Jewish censor removed the
extra chapters from the Book of Daniel?"  - David

Ephesians 5:4 says " Nor should there be obscenity,
foolish talk or coarse joking..."  Other bible translations
for this verse say/forbid joking in general rather than
just coarse joking.  Your opinion?"  - Nick

"I married a divorced lady.  To annul her previous marriage
she must contact her ex and arrange for annulment and we
don't want this.  What Sacraments can I receive? 
Sacraments at the time of death?  -  Alan

"I am not Catholic.  I told a Catholic friend that people who
live a life of unrepentant sin won't go to Heaven after death. 
He said Catholics can have a mass said so they can enter
Heaven if they are Roman Catholics.  Is this true?" - Bob

"A Catholic Priest asked my elderly mother if he
could spend the night at her home and later
asked her to massage his back.  Isn't this
inappropriate?"  Rhapsophy

"Some extenuating family circumstances have left me
feeling like I am not good enough for anybody.   How
could I be good enough for anybody else if my own
mother spent years being disappointed in me?"
- Ekaterina

"I had two abortions.  I have such guilt over this. 
I was not Catholic then.  I was told all my sins were
forgiven after my Catholic baptism and confirmation. 
Please tell me if this is true?"  - Karin

"I am a devout Christian but having a bit of trouble. 
There is a dark hole in my soul from many tours of
combat as a USA Marine.  I feel as if I have no place
in Heaven.  How can I forgive myself?" Tim

"How do I not become ill worrying about my
grandson not being baptized?   Can I baptize
him?  What do I do? - Sandra

"I am haunted by the problem of free will.  Can
you help?" - Jonas






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