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    Fr. Arthur Carrillo, C.P.
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Fr. William G. Menzel
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. Kevin Bates, SM

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   Fr. Cedric Pisegna, C.P.

Father Amaro
Amaro Saumell


Fr. Lazarus Chawdi

CatholicView's "Ask a Priest"  receives voluntary support 
from above priests who have taken time out 
from their respective parish duties to answer your questions.

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FEB/MAR 2017 Questions
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"I had for 10 yrs very deep experiences, but suddenly I left all and lost myself. 
Two yrs ago I felt presence of the saint in the form of light who wanted to take
me back.  In a moment I realized there is a spiritual battle for our souls"- Z.L.


"Can God change the future of my girlfriend's life? -  Tenang

 "During Confession I forget the complete Act of Contrition.
Is that a valid confession?"  -  Jose


"My husband and I are pre-planning our burial arrangements
and want to know if we (both Catholic) must be buried in a
Catholic cemetery.  - Clare

"In 1995 I was stricken with mental illiness OCD.  Over
time, stricken with Borderline Personality Disorder. 
Why doesn't God want to help me?  Why?  - James

"While growing up I was taught God assigned each person
a guardian angel. 
If a guardian angel does exist, why do we
experience these entities from taking over our lives and causing
bad/horrible things from occurring? - Tim

"I have 16 brothers and one sister.  My father was an alcoholic and my
mom has told so many lies but I believe that it is only to survive.  I pray
every night for my family so that I can get along with them. 
Is it a sin to think
about suicide?" - Mammabert

"I am a Catholic, my partner is not. She is pregnant but the baby
is not well.  I'm worried about my soul if she decides it's best to
abort. Can you advise me? - Barry

Can it be possible that somebody whom the Church considers
to be a Saint is, in fact, damned or simply not Holy? - Elis

"If Jesus said blasphemy against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven,
how could we be told that good works can get that person to
?" - Julia

I have been fighting many temptations.  Can one sin, after all
my effort to avoid sin, really send me to the Fires of Hell for ALL
ETERNITY (that is, if the sin is not confessed prior to death)?" 

"I am a widow in my 70's have been dating a 70 year old widower

Is it a grievous offense if we were to be intimate with each other?"
 - Mary

"How do I get over my past?  And does God Forgive me
or what I have done?
- Rachal





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