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MARCH/APRIL 2016 Questions
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"My first cousin and I are in our 60's and married civilly
because we were unable to get a dispensation from my
local Catholic Church.  Are we living in sin?" - Les

"I am a Hindu and am deeply in love with a Protestant
girl. I don't want her to covert and my parents won't
allow  me to convert.  Can you show me a way for
saving my love?" - Soumitra

"I have been estranged from my brother for 25 years
because he swindled my mother out of her assets.  Should
this grievance be addressed?  Should I say I love him? - Michael

"I am a Catholic my entire life and I love God but have struggled
my entire life with homosexuality.  I have attempted numerous
heterosexual relationships but failed.  I need your help".  - Jesse 


"I am a Protestant considering catechumen classes at my local Catholic
Church.  If I decide to go through with my desire to become Catholic
and my Dad gets hired at a church, would I still be permitted to sing at
my Dad's church even though it would be a Protestant Church?" - Fgh

"As a godparent I noticed that the baptismal registrar had
the following: "Matar A Cath".  What does this mean?
Kind regards.  John

"How can a "shut-in" elderly Catholic fulfill the requirements of gaining
the plenary indulgence?" - Cathy

"How can I protect my home and family from a
wiccan and does black magic?" - Deonne

"As Catholics are told ro go to confession so our sins
are forgiven in order to get to Heaven.  What about other
religions?  Why are we required to go to confession in
order to go and they don't?  - Richard

"In Mathew22:11-13 it reads about a king who noticed a man
 who did not wear wedding clothes to the wedding feast and
 was thrown out. Could this be referring to purgatory?
 - Anthony

"I am a Catholic widowand met a Catholic man who
 is divorced. Will we be able to have aCatholic
 Ceremony without an annulment?"- Kathy


"My husband is an abusive drug addict and it's led to us being
separated for two years. One night, a blue light appeared above
me and then changed colors and I saw 7 Angels. Why did
the angels show themselves to me?" Rhonda

"I have not prayed in years but wanted, through prayer, to
 confess my sins to Jesus. I experienced chest pain. Can
 this happen after praying?"- Bio

"I'm a Catholic and love my religion. The problem is recently I've
fallen in love with my best friend who is a Muslim. We share our
religions. This love feels so real and pure. 
What should I do? - Luis

"I am trying to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, 
 How can He be with me when there are so many people
 out there? - Marilyn

My two children have undergone tremendously hard things
 and my husband says horrible things about God. How
 shall I respond to him?"- Ms Canlon

My son is having spiritual experiences with shamanism. Can you
 help me understand if this is good or bad? - Marshall 

"I am Catholic and have issues with scrupulosity. For the last
 several years, I feel that I have to report to the police or road
 dept. anytime I see a dead branch stuck in a tree over or near
 the road. Is it a mortal sin if I do not report it?"- Moira


  "I volunteer at an old folks home and wanted to do it for the Catholic Church. 
 I joined the Legion of Mary and did what I could. Because I could not follow
 the schedule because of medical reasons, etc., the presidium leader tore me
 down every chance she got.  What should I do? - JW

"What are the Catholic Churches teachings on
 human intuition?" - Rebecca

 "Can you please tell me if it is correct to hear confessions
 on the Sanctuary while the Blessed Sacrament is exposed
 for exposition on the altar?" - Aidan





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