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    Fr. Arthur Carrillo, C.P.
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Fr. William G. Menzel
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. Kevin Bates, SM

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   Fr. Cedric Pisegna, C.P.

Father Amaro
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Fr. Lazarus Chawdi

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MAY/JUNE 2015 Questions
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 "Why do we say Jesus will return to judge the
living and the dead in the Creed?" - Tony

"Is the death penalty immoral?" - Zoe

"How can I 'Seek first the Kingdom of God' and
still pursue my life and career goals?" - Tony

"My partner is the mother of my child and is Seventh Day
Adventist and prejudicial towards Catholics.  I am Catholic
and want to marry her but will not convert.  What should I do?"

- Teddy

"Why did Pope Francisco say "It is dangerous to
have a relationship with Jesus"  - Vince

"Is it wrong to wear religious items like medals or crosses?"
- Valerie 

"It seems many Old Testament men had multiple
wives yet they were favored.  I wonder if these
commandments were directed to single married
men only? - Bob

" I am seeing Charismatic members of the Latin
Community in my church sharing facebook pictures
of small children hyperventilating and sobbing while
singing to Jesus.  Does the Church condone this?"

- Debbie

"Why would so many of our women knowing the scripture
and the Consequence ever wear pants. Why would men of
G-d allow it?"  - Daniel

"I am a new Christian but feel so down.  Can you give
me guidance?" - Abdullah

"Can you help me to understand the dialogue of
St. Catherine?" - Tim

"I am not Catholic but am engaged to a Catholic and we 
want to marry outside on a farm.  Is this acceptable  in
the Catholic Church?" - Carolyn         



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