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    Fr. Arthur Carrillo, C.P.
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Fr. William G. Menzel
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. Kevin Bates, SM

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   Fr. Cedric Pisegna, C.P.

Father Amaro
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Fr. Lazarus Chawdi

CatholicView's "Ask a Priest"  receives voluntary support 
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JAN/FEB 2017 Questions
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"I have epilepsy and go to an online Christian chat room.  I received a
message from a person claiming he is a healing/ deliverance minister. 
He told me that epilepsy is a demonic assault and he wants to discuss
it with me.  How should I deal with this?" - Kathlene


"With all the companies supporting Planned Parenthood,
how can I deal with them?"  -  Faith

"If God gives us Free Will, why am I always being punished
here on earth for doing something that He doesn't like?" -


"What is meant by a Holy Death or a Happy Death?" - Donna

"If we are in essence a spiritual being, could someone enlighten me as to
why our Father would waste His time putting our bodies back together at
final Judgment?"
  - Susan


 I volunteer a lot and want this world to be better than when I came. 
Is this sculpturally OK?  And should I utilize the Teachings to ensure
ethics are instilled in schools, government, the world?" - Michael


"Why did John the Baptist send a messenger to ask if
Jesus was the Messiah?"
  - Diana


"I have a little boy and decided to baptize him because it erases original
sin.  Why do we do this when they are this young?  Please help me to
?" - Isacortes


 "I want to be baptized.  Do I have to take RCIA to be
baptized?" Zach


"I have an issue I don't want to deal with.  I made a choice to wear
Christ Shoes and walk His walk.  I took a sacrifice to the alter but
remembered a person had anger toward me.  I don't believe our
Father never forgave me.  What am I to do?" Thurman


"My fiancÚ and I were both baptized Catholic, but neither of us
completed catechism.  If we get married outside the Catholic
Church, would our marriage be recognized if we later decided
to join the Church?"   - Kristine


"My husband and I took a vacation to Jamaica and the closest
Church was 20 minutes away and it would have been costly to get
to the Church for Mass!.  Was this a sin not to attend?" -  Carole


"Will I be reborn on earth and will my agnostic
father and my
atheist brother also?  I know
reincarnation is not a Catholic teaching." -


"I no longer attend a Catholic Church.  I now attend
The Church Of The Latter Day Saints.  I do miss confession
and still want to pray the rosary.  Can you help?"
 -  Carrie
















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