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    Fr. Arthur Carrillo, C.P.
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Fr. William G. Menzel
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. Kevin Bates, SM

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Fr. Lazarus Chawdi

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January/February 2015 Questions

"Does Lent start at midnight on Ash Wednesday or
when one receives ashes?" - Chari

"I stole something and do not know why
I did this.  Can you pray for me?" - Jerry

"My girlfriend is concerned lately about intimacy. 
What do you think is acceptable for intimacy in
the eyes of God? - Robbie

"My 14 year old daughter is engaging in sex with a
13 year old boy.  What should I do?"  - Todd

"What do you believe is the fate of the un-evangelized?" Nick

"Can a Catholic get married Christian of other denomination?" - Olga  

"I slapped my wife and threw her out of the house
because I saw her talking to her ex boyfriend
but I repented.  Are my actions grounds for an
annulment?   - Johan

"Is the marriage of two Protestants considered
invalid if there is no record of their baptism?"
 - Ashley

"Can a mortal sin be committed if you had no idea
there was such a thing as a mortal sin?  I suffer with
scrupulosity.  - Daniel

May I refuse the operation I should have even
though it may result in an early death?" - Doug

"I have committed so many sins throughout my
life.  How does a person remember every sin?" - Joe

"Can a Catholic support a ministry to help
children in poverty internationally? - L.M.

"A family friend was in an abusive marriage and
beaten by her husband.  Is she still married in God's
eyes?" - Isla

"I had a massive heart attack 8 years ago.  The priest in
the hospital anointed me but did not ask for a confession
of sins.  Does an anointment absolve one from sin?
- Christopher

"I am Catholic and dating a Catholic man with a sinful past
but said he has changed his lifestyle.  Should I continue  
with this man?" - Ania

"I am an artist who sells artwork that is of
the pornographic nature.  Is what I am
doing a sin?" - Rex

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