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    Fr. Arthur Carrillo, C.P.
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Fr. William G. Menzel
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. Kevin Bates, SM

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   Fr. Cedric Pisegna, C.P.

Father Amaro
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. Peter Auer

CatholicView's "Ask a Priest"  receives voluntary support 
from above priests who have taken time out 
from their respective parish duties to answer your questions.

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Published or written responses to inquiries are solely intended to spiritually educate and inform and offers no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness because of the brevity of information received.  Persons sending in questions must be over 18 years of age.  Every effort is made to insure that replies offered are in accordance with the teachings of the Church.   CatholicView and its staff shall not be held liable or responsible for improper use of answers found in this category.  Readers must carefully scrutinize replies given and take full liability for subsequent action.   Final responsibility rests with the reader to seek supplemental support by both local parish priests and/or certified, licensed professionals.


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JULY/AUGUST 2014 Questions

"I have a fear of hell.  Is it wrong to get deep in the
faith because of the fear of hell?" -  John Hawkins

"Is it a sin to not ask for healing or prayer
because you want to suffer?" - Michelle

"When a Catholic death occurs is a rosary and
funeral mass required?" - James

"When the Pope calls for international support of the
Christians being massacred in Iraq, does he condone
violence for the "greater good" - Eamonn

"I've been asked to translate a romantic homosexual
story.  How bad is it to accept this commission?"
- Marisol

 "My friend sees black shadows at night with one
 trying to choke him.  What can he do to protect
himself?" - Paul

"Why was the feast of St. Peter and Paul celebrated
on Sunday, a day supposed to be only given
to God?"  Christopher

"Can a Requiem Mass be said for someone already
buried?" - John

"Although I have a MBA and tried for a good life
it did not happen.  Is this God's will?" - Trudra

"My family did not respect me and made me feel
 I've decided to leave them and move away.  Any
confirmation from the bible on this?"  Joanne  

"I am in the military and want to do my 1st communion
and confirmation and have a church wedding.  Please
help?" - Raphael

"I have tried to do everything right but still my life is
down the toilet.  What should I have done?"  Hugo

"Is the Westboro Baptist Church a Christian Church?"
- Daniel

"Should I use Gerber Medicare Supplement Insurance
knowing it may be connected to planned parenthood?"
 - Patti

"I promised God to give something up if my wife could live
longer.  She died much shorter.  Do I have to keep that
promise?" Abi              

"What does it mean for Christians to carry the cross of
Christ?" – John

"My fiancée and I both are Catholic and in a relationship
for 15 years.  We split up for three months and she came
back pregnant.  Can she receive communion?"  James

"Because of a faulty dental surgery, I must struggle to
maintain an open airway.  Why did God allow this
to happen to me?   - Laura

"I have been backsliding from the faith and caught up
in other religions.  Did Jesus exist or not?" - Scott

"When I took my children for their First Communion,
I took communion also and I am not Catholic.  Is this
a sin?" - Jill

"I pray the rosary daily  but I get distracted. 
Please help?"  Tony

"I asked for a sign about a project I was doing and
got it.  Why would God approve this project and
let it fail?" Nora

"Do dogs go to Heaven?" - Melissa

“Is it appropriate for a parishioner to donate a
6 feet crucifix to his/her parish anonymously?
 - Gine

“My Catholic sister is now involved in the New
Age Movement.  Am I sinning by not pointing
out her wrongs?” – Claire

“As a Catholic, is it a sin to attend a wedding
in a church that is not Catholic?” – Keith

“I work in an office where the radio plays loud
music that goes against my Catholic spirituality.
Should I leave this job?” – Margaret

“I am a baptized Catholic but have been attending 
Anglican Eucharist services for a year.  My friends
say I am excommunicated. Is this true?” - Alvin


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