Make a Move

   Father Cedric Pisegna, C.P.

During the liturgical season of LENT we focus on our call to change and grow. Jesus came to touch us and bring us everlasting life. "I write this to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life." - 1 John 5:13

Jesus came to bring us abundant life (John10: 10.) This life is a new quality of life that comes through the Holy Spirit. Once you come to know the Holy Spirit in the depths of your being, eternal life has begun. The Spirit is the guarantee, the foretaste of what is to come and God's down payment of Heaven itself. (Ephesians 1:14) Death isn't the end, but simply becomes a transition to a fuller life with God in Heaven. Even now you will have "heaven in your heart" each day through the person of the Holy Spirit. What a way to live!

Do you know where you are going when you die? This is the most important question that every human being should grapple with. In Jesus you can have a sure answer to that question.

Jesus was tortured and died on a cross so that you could be forgiven and come to a personal relationship with God. He was resurrected as the first fruits of a new humanity. Rebirth occurs when you receive all that Jesus came to bring you. I invite you to surrender (or re-dedicate) your life to Jesus Christ right now. He is your best friend. He will help you and change you. He can get you out of any rut or addiction you may be stuck in. He will give you the blessed assurance of eternity with God now and forever. Please pray:

Jesus, I come to you in faith.
I believe you suffered and died on the cross
so that I could be forgiven.
I ask to have a new life with God.
Come into my heart in a fresh new way.
I want to live forever with you in heaven.
I will follow you the best I can.
Thank-you Jesus. Amen!

I invite you to continue your surrender by praying daily, reading the Bible, good Spiritual books and by going to Church. I invite you to consider going to confession and celebrating Eucharist. Your spiritual growth is extremely important. You are saved by Grace, but you must walk this out through obedience and good works. God Bless you for your commitment. I want you to have that Blessed Assurance of salvation in the depths of your heart! If you would like to write me, please send me an email and I will personally reply to you. I would be happy to send you my first book 'Live Passionately!' that explains salvation more fully.  It will be sent by email free of charge, when you request it.  Sincerely, Fr. Cedric


"I write this to you who believe in the name of the Son of
God, that you may know that you have eternal life."

1 John 5:13

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Father Cedric Pisegna, C.P. is a Passionist Roman Catholic Priest whose ministry is dedicated to the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. He earned a Master of Divinity Degree with Bible Specialization at the Catholic Theological Union at Chicago and studied Scripture in Israel, Greece and Egypt. At Northwestern University in Chicago he studied Speech and drama. In 2003, he went to the North American College in Rome for the Theological Study Program for priests. Based in Houston, Texas, he currently travels across the U.S. and Canada preaching, writing, and producing for television. Author of 12 books, his message is practical, inspirational, and orthodox.  To learn more about Father Cedric, please visit his site at this link:


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