The Sculptor


I am the sculptor of my life and this is the ultimate reason for my being. 

Today, I woke up early, excited over all I get to do before the clock strikes midnight.  I have many responsibilities to fulfill and many important things to take care of.  It is my job to choose what kind of day I am going to have. 

Today I can complain because the weather is rainy or I can be thankful that my lawn is getting watered for free.  Today I can feel sad that I don't have more money or I can be glad that my finances encourage me to plan my purchases wisely and guide me away from waste.

If I choose, today I can grumble about my health or I can rejoice that I am alive.  Perhaps today I can lament over all the things that my parents didn't give me when I was growing up, or I can feel grateful that they allowed me to be born.  Today, maybe I will not buy those beautiful roses since they have thorns or if I do buy them I can celebrate that my thorns have roses.  This day I can mourn my lack of friends or I can excitedly embark upon a quest to discover new relationships.  I can whine today because I have to go to work or I can shout for joy because I have a job to do.  I can complain today because I have to go to school or eagerly open my mind and fill it with rich new tidbits of knowledge.

I can murmur dejectedly today because I have to do housework or I can feel honored because the Lord has provided shelter for my mind, body and soul.    This day stretches ahead of me, waiting to be shaped.  And here I am, the sculptor who gets to do the shaping.  What today will be like is up to me.  I get to choose what kind of day I will have! God, through His love, gave me the instruments that I use to add shape and meaning to my life.

I must not forget that through grace the ultimate Sculptor also gave me Free Will and two able hands to shape who I am.  I am not here only to savor and taste the delights of this earth,  but to use the tools God gave to me with love, so that I can mold my life and be a light to all who might be blind to the joys and salvation of Christ Jesus. (The above was written anonymously and modified with additions by the publisher)

I am in control of sculpting my life.  How I shape it is a personal journey and I can choose to take a negative experience and run ahead, allowing it to drain my spirit, or turn it into a positive that can be used as a stepping stone to happiness.

To define distinction between each person’s earthly journey of shaping would be to generalize.  We are all blessed with different talents, different approaches.  Although each path is diverse and unique, it should ultimately end in the same place; in the presence of our Father in heaven.

Sinful mistakes may cause your foot to slip for a moment, but don’t let this slippage remain untended.   Take care of it by gaining forgiveness and knowing when you do that you are forgiven.  Grab the next foothold on your ladder and hold tight to the rungs as you reach for the top.  Move ahead toward your goal knowing the power of conquering sin will turn into a victory, through Christ, for you.  By an attitude of Christian joy, kindness and supreme faith and trust in God, though unexpressed, it will be visible to every life you touch.  

We can mold our world quietly but with great purpose.  We must know who we are, and what we want to accomplish.  It about using that ladder you patiently build, enduring the splinters of the wood, to reach the ripest fruit on your personal tree of life.  How I use this precious gift God gives to me is my own choice, for I am my own earthly sculptor, limited only by finite humanity, but tempered by joyful recognition and obedience to the Master Sculptor.

To all of you out there, have a great day unless you have other plans that do not include what the Lord has in mind for you.  


 “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me.” John12: 32


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