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"Don't let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good." - Romans 12:21


 A fierce battle is taking place within all of us.    It is a war between two forces that will continue throughout our entire lifetime, with both sides struggling for control.   And because of this, there will come a time in each person’s earthly journey when they must choose which side to follow.  Eternity depends on it. 

MANY years ago, a wise old man was teaching his grandchildren about spirituality. He said to them, “A fight is going on inside me… it is a terrible fight.  It is like two strong powers have taken up residence there.  One is fighting for sacredness and goodness but the other presents a realm of evil and sin cloaked in empty assurances of earthly joy and temporary happiness, and this one uses clever ploys designed to deceive in order to win."

TELL us, Grandfather, about this terrible fight you are talking about”, said the children.   Who are these people living inside of you?”

THEY are like two very hungry 'wolves'.   One represents fear, anger, envy, greed, arrogance, resentment, lies, false pride, immorality, impurity, thievery, murder, superiority, ego, and are morally negative and the opposite of all things good.  They are everything Jesus taught us to avoid", the grandfather wisely said.   "All these emotions and feelings can cause me to sin if I permit them to take over my life or allow them to fester in my thoughts and in my actions. 'So I find it to be a law that when I want to do what is right and good, evil is ever present with me and I am subject to its insistent demands'  (Romans 7:21).   But the sad thing is, sometimes what this evil side offers, I want to have."

“THE other side of this dualistic spectrum is good and it stands for joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and most of all faith in God and Jesus Christ.  These are the qualities of the Christian trying to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. They are morally positive.  If I choose the good, I must be aware of the dangers, afflictions, grievous trouble, distress, suffering, distress, adversity, and oppression that I may face.   You see, Satan will use my sufferings to win me over by telling me he can make everything better.  He does not like to lose.

"EVEN knowing this, my sinful nature will tell me to go ahead and enjoy what the evil side offers and not worry about the future.  This is the opposite of what God wants for me.  'These two forces are constantly fighting each other, so you (I)are not free to carry out your good intentions' (Galations 5:17).

"AND so, dear ones, I must choose between the two of them,” the old man told them.  "if I choose wrongly I must be willing to forfeit the final reward."

“WHAT is this final reward you are talking about?” they asked.  “Could you have it now, grandfather?”

“NO, children, for it is the gift of eternal life.  I must prepare for that reward on this earth.  If I believe that Jesus came to offer salvation and I follow His teachings, I will get that reward at the end of this life.   I know in my heart and soul that Jesus promised to strengthen me along the way, picking me up when I lapse into wickedness and deviltry, and giving me the courage to ward off the evil one  who seeks to devour me.   It is Satan who wants to win me away from God by lies; dangling earthly pleasures before me, and if I let him, he will cause me to turn away from my faith in Christ."

HE continued,  “Both sides are like hungry animals, tearing and ripping at each other.”  the Grandfather said.  “the only way to control this fighting is to know which side to choose.”   Please understand, my children, that this same fight is going on inside you too, and inside every other person.  These two have the ability to live within each of us, and each seeks to win.  '...the good seed represents the people of the Kingdom.  The weeds are the people who belong to the evil one', (Matthew13:38).  But always remember that goodness is more powerful than evil.  You must work harder for goodness to win because the temptations that are offered by our evil side plays on our weaknesses and is destructive to mankind.  If you choose goodness, evil will step back because the power of Almighty God is stronger".

"SOMETIMES good and evil will pause in their fight, each pressing their merits, each hoping I will choose them.   Satan, the evil one, will recognize and use one of the deep desires of my heart and will offer it, but behind that temporary offering lies sin and eternal death because Satan will do anything to shake your faith and win you over.  Earthly happiness, brief though it be, yet tempting in its lure, hides the destructive arm of Satan.  The other side will offer solace, hope, and a powerful gift of unconditional love and forgiveness, a promise to always be with us, and the grand prize of eternal life if we can hang on to God's promises." 

THE old man continues, “Many times I stumble on this battlefield, looking to either side in my human desires, trying to make a choice to follow Jesus Christ or make a stop along the way to taste the delights of Satan’s offerings.  If I linger, I know I might lose the battle.  I also know that in spite of this war within me, neither side can hold me hostage unless I allow it. I can choose to settle this war and move on with the knowledge that the Lord is with me and someday will take me home to live in glory forever.  If, for a moment I move toward the evil side because of my sinful nature, I know I can always step back and ask God to forgive me.

THE children thought about that for a minute and said, “But, we don’t understand.   Why do they fight?” they wanted to know.  “What do they want from you?”

THEN the wise old grandfather nodding sagely replied, “They are fighting for my eternal soul.”

ONE child asked his grandfather, “Which one of the "hungry wolves" will win?”

THE old man simply replied, “The one you feed.”

WHICH wolf are you feeding?  The end to the final battle is up to you.


”For we must all stand before Christ to be judged. We will
each receive whatever we deserve for the good or evil we
have done in this earthly body.” 1 Corinthians 5:10


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