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“Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joys of your master.” Mathew 25:21

SOMETIMES we become fearful when we think about standing in judgment before Almighty God, and it is hard to imagine how it will be to face such perfection and power.  And as finite beings we carry so many sins that could be weighed against us.   But we, as Christians, know our only hope and defense is what the Lord Jesus Christ gave us free of charge over two thousand years ago.  The following is a beautiful story written by an unknown hand depicting the final judgment.  Although fictitious, it brings home to us how the lives we lead here may look to God at the end.

AS I faced my Maker at the last judgment, I fell to my knees along with countless other not so confident souls for each of our lives were laid out like the squares of a quilt in many piles.  And there was an angel who sat before each of us sewing our individual cloth squares together into a tapestry that represented our lives.  But as my angel took each piece of cloth off the pile, I noticed how ragged and empty each of my squares was.  There were giant holes in each one.

EACH square was clearly labeled with a part of my life that had been difficult with the challenges and temptations I was faced with in everyday life.  I saw all the hardships that I endured, which were the largest holes of all.  I glanced around me and nobody else had squares in such bad condition.    Other than a tiny hole here and there, their tapestries were filled with rich color and the bright hues of worldly fortune. I gazed upon my own life and hung my head in disgrace.

MY angel was busily sewing the ragged pieces of cloth together, threadbare and empty, like binding air.  Finally the time came when each life was to be displayed, held up to the light and the scrutiny of truth. The others rose, each in turn, holding up their gorgeous tapestries. So filled their lives had been!  I was too humiliated to rise with the others.  My angel looked upon me with an encouraging smile and nodded for me to rise. My gaze dropped to the ground in shame. I hadn't had all the earthly fortunes... I had love in my life, and laughter.  But there had also been trials of illness, and death, and false accusations that took from me my world as I knew it.   I had to start over many times, I often struggled with the temptation to quit, only to somehow muster the strength to pick up and begin again.  I spent many nights on my knees in prayer, asking for help and guidance in my life.  I had often been held up to ridicule, which I endured painfully, each time offering it up to the Father in hopes that I would not melt within my skin beneath the judgmental gaze of those who unfairly judged me.  Now, I had to face the truth.  My life was what it was, and I had to accept it for what it was.  I rose and slowly lifted the combined squares of my life to the light.  A gasp filled the air.  I gazed around at the others who stared at me with wide eyes. Then, I looked upon the tapestry I held before me. Light flooded the many holes, creating an image, the face of Christ.  Then our Lord stood before me, with warmth and love in His eyes.  He said, ‘Every time you gave over your life to me, it became my life, my hardships, and my struggles.  Each point of light in your life is when you stepped aside and let me shine through, until there was more of me than there was of you.”

WE could dismiss the above as a pretty tale.   But as we make our way through life, trying to do what the Lord would have us do, we don’t always see the Divine reward of our actions in this life.  What we do know is that we must walk the walk our Savior has set before us, and if we momentarily stray, we must make things right with God.

IF we Christians prepare ourselves by accepting the hardships and burdens of our divinely appointed life and do the work of Him Who gave us our salvation we have nothing to worry about.  If we correct the things that get in the way of our faith through God's forgiveness, at the end we will enter the gates of eternity.   Though our tapestries of life are torn and tattered, worn thin and ragged, and our battle scarred bodies filled with the sorrows of this world, the day is coming when we will stand tall before our maker, offering up the imperfect squares sewn into a tapestry as testimony of our lives.  Though stained with tears and threadbare we will hold it high with pride, valiantly unfurling it as confirmation of our mastery over sin.  It will be a banner of victory.  Standing in triumph we will be presented in high honor to the King of the Universe knowing we have reached our finest hour of faith in Him Who gave us the gift of eternal life.

“What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor human heart conceived, what God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

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