Father Amaro Saumell
St. Francis Xavier Cabrini Church in Crestline, California.

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, There’s just something about that name.
Master, Savior, Jesus, Like the fragrance after the rain.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Let all heaven and earth proclaim.
Kings and kingdoms shall all pass away.
But th
ere’s something about that name."

FOR years I directed music at a parish before I entered the seminary.  At that time, I was doing much ecumenical music and became familiar with pieces from all different Christian traditions.  I remember listening to a Fundamentalist station on the radio and learning a song by Bill and Gloria Gaiter.   It was called “There’s Just Something About That Name.”  And there is something within us that has some grasp of the smallest part of this reality.   I used this beautiful song during every parish mass at the closing of the Tabernacle following the reception of Holy Communion.

SOMETIMES many of us take the Lord’s name in vain in terms of swearing.  How minor that is when calling upon Him for something and then acting as if He doesn’t exist.  We throw out our response to “through Jesus Christ our Lord,” without batting an eye.  But Exodus 20:7 tells us “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain".  Of course we would never do such a thing... or would we?  Here’s good test for you.  Next time you go to mass and any of the “collects” are prayed “in the name of Jesus the Lord,” try to remember what it was that was said.

TO do something “in vain” means to do it to no purpose.   If we have a purpose, we must participate with the graces Jesus instructed us to use.  If we call upon Him to take over without doing our part, we call upon Him in vain, for we are baptized in His name.  The name is to be used with all its power in our need, not because of our laziness.  When Jesus raised the dead little girl to life (Matthew 9:23-26) , He didn’t just walk away.  He demanded participation. “Little girl, get up!” the Lord commanded.   The power of the name works through our conscious participation.  How we call upon that name in vain when we refuse to do just that.

MANY ran to claim the name of Jesus just after the Twin Towers fell in New York.  Churches were stormed with people and all sorts of promises were made to repent and reform.  But alas, the fickle society that we are, the numbers dwindled in such a short time, didn’t they?

IT is through that name that the name of Adam is restored.   It is the identity of the One who perfected our fallen nature by suffering temptation, physical pain, death, and then, conquering all those weaknesses.  And guess what? He did it all in OUR name. He didn’t take our name in vain.  His total selflessness was presented to the Father in our name.   He never took us lightly.  He never represented us in an empty fashion.  He participated with His prayer or intercession to the Father on our behalf.

HOW small is our understanding, but how great is our insight to know that this name holds such great power in our lives.  Yes, we can concentrate on all the above and all the negatives about how not to use it. But have we really learned how to use it and use it well?  Are we very interested?  If we are, we remember that the name is a name of a person. 

HAVING a personal relationship with the person of Jesus isn’t like owning a piece of real estate.  Having a personal relationship with Jesus never takes the attitude of “I know Him and you don’t.”  It is not a tool to make us feel better than others or more “saved.” It takes root in His attitude in us of saying to others, “Where are your accusers now?  I do not accuse you either.”  If one truly has a personal relationship with Jesus as Lord, that person realizes that as part of His Body, His Presence to others, they actually and in fact do have a personal relationship with Him too.  When we act in His Name rather than merely talk about it, they meet Him in us.  All they need to know after that is His Holy and most Precious Name.  And that’s how the Power of the Name really works.

JESUS.   There is just something about that Name.....

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