Kathy Bernard - Publisher


The name of Jesus is the sweetest sound I have ever heard. And has been for countless generations of Christians. For that name represents not only the most powerful name in the history of mankind, it also signifies the gentlest, kindest being to walk this earth; yet always vigilant of the mission He came to earth to accomplish. We who know Him find an abundant joy whenever we hear the name “Jesus”. If we are apart from Him, the world would be a cold, colorless and impossible place to exist. He is my mainstay and the delight of my heart.

Without Him, I am nothing. I am an unpolished stone along the sidewalk of life without luster or shine. A half written song. A book with no ending. An unfinished person without hope of redemption or eternal life. If He were not in my life I would plod my way through endless circles seeking what I could not find on this earth such as peace and solace, hope and comfort, help and identity. A sad being with a seemingly disposable life.

So many times we all feel we do not have that special “bright spot” within us. This is a time when there seems to be no future; only the dim and shadowy past and it is difficult to imagine looking far enough in the distance to see something good. The energy it takes to conjure up a happy image is simply too hard to contemplate. But once I knew Jesus as my very own personal Saviour and let Him into my heart I became a new person. A brand new person.

If you have not experienced it you are in for the greatest joy you will ever have. For you are reborn just as the bible says and the “old” you ceases to exist. You look at yourself in the mirror and you are totally changed. How you perceive the world is different.  Everything around you has new meaning and beauty. The change from unbeliever to Christian is such a complete internal and external makeover that it is like a new person has emerged from the old. You finally become all that God intended.

Because I have Jesus in my life, I know He is always there through every facet of my stay on this earth. Through the sorrows human existence gives as well as the pleasures. Through the barriers and obstacles faced and the successes achieved, He is there to applaud every effort. He is there when I worry about things happening to me, my hope when I think I cannot get something I need, my friend when I am friendless, my confidante when I want to confide, my protector when I am frightened. He calms me, makes me understand when I am wrong, makes me strong under adverse conditions and speaks to my soul when I need to hear His guidance. He is my mighty fortress against my enemies. And He holds the key for the door to the Father. He is the center and the joy of my life.

Jesus is not hard to find. He is always waiting just for you. In Revelation 3:20 He says, “Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him and he with Me.” He knows each of us by name as does Our Heavenly Father. He has known us from the beginning of time. You can, with faith, find Him everywhere. In that gentle smile on the face of the old lady down the street, in the innocence of a child, in the beauty of a rose. All one needs to do is take the time to learn about Him without doubt and let Him into your heart. He will do the rest.

When I am in trouble or fearful, when I have lost someone or something, I call on the beautiful name of our Blessed Saviour, Jesus. There are times when life becomes so scary that I simply say...”Jesus, oh Jesus” and know that He knows what it is I am saying.  There is pure comfort in that. I don’t need a programmed prayer because He knows exactly what I have need of without me asking. When danger is upon me there is no time for long prayers but there is always time to say that sweet name ‘Jesus”. No other can surpass or understand better than my friend Jesus.

I have always felt that because Jesus took on a human identity like mine that I do not feel an isolation from Him unless I fall into some small sin which separates me from Him. God, in His great knowledge, designed this plan so we could share in His magnitude on our human level. And Jesus is my link to the Father for Jesus told me so.  He said in John 14:14 “Whatever you ask of the Father, use my name and it shall be given to you.” That is a powerful statement. It is wonderful to have an iron clad guarantee like that written within that most sacred book called the Bible. None other except the Father can do more than the Son. It is amazing that God would build this stairway to His Throne through His Son. And all because He loves (guess what) ME! and wants me to share His Kingdom, unworthy though I am.

Jesus is my hope for tomorrow; my smilemaker when things are rough for me. He wipes away my tears and gives me the courage to keep on going. He brightens my day, and He never leaves me alone to face this sometimes hostile world. He comforts and believes in me. And most of all He died for Me. This is a great testimonial of His Love.

I believe in God’s Master Plan for mankind. I believe we are each as a piece of God’s  Puzzle fitting into a magnificent frame of eternal life. Each piece being vital to the other. And each piece working to gather as many other pieces as possible through Christian ministry to complete what God has set up in the beautiful and living painting of salvation. And at its center is Jesus. The center of my life.