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One day I was in the bakery section of a Supermarket and shared a conversation with a woman standing nearby as we waited for the clerk to help us. She and I spoke of life’s absurdities for a while then she added in a fervent voice that God was taking care of her in spite of her troubles. There was something confident in her eyes as she spoke of this. Her conviction was so profound I asked her if she was a Christian and when she nodded yes the bond was set if only for that moment in time. There was a recognition of belonging to God as well as a sharing between members of Christ. Indeed a wonderful fellowship.

Being a Christian is a union between God and ourselves. A knowledge that we are in friendship with our Infinite Father and because of this we can share everything with Him knowing that He in His Infinite wisdom can reach deep within us and understand as no one else can the words we cannot express, the feelings we feel, and perceive exactly what we are trying to say. No human being can come close. He can console, comfort and make right the slights, slurs, slings and arrows life and enemies throw our way. He takes our part and is always on our side.

Without the Father to whom would we pray for answers to the problems life has thrust upon us? Who would care for us with unconditional love and mercy? And all because we believe and acknowledge God’s Son as our Messiah. Life would indeed be nothing but a sad testament to the ultimate misery and suffering we as humans face except for the bits and pieces of happiness which figuratively lasts momentarily then leaves us with a fleeting memory and a yen for perfect happiness that cannot be found in our earthly lives. We Christians know this perfect joy can only be achieved by having God within us and so we must keep reaching for that pinnacle of perfection which can only come from Him.

I firmly believe that God in His Mercy shows us Christians things in the way we know and understand best when we are in danger of bad sin. I believe that He will intervene and make us stop and reflect before acting out a sin if we are in close friendship with Him. For example, one day years ago I was on the telephone with a friend of mine, in my bedroom sitting on the bed, getting emotional about something I knew was wrong for me. I was totally involved in fanatically talking about my problem to this girlfriend when I sensed and heard a violent swishing sound coming from the corner of the room. I was of course fully awake after having had breakfast as well as having completed several chores that needed attention. It was early in the morning around 10AM. I turned my head to the sound and there saw clearly what appeared to be a huge aquarium and within it a most ferocious serpent complete with a long tail which thrashed about angrily, droplets of water flinging from the enclosure. The water moved violently back and forth as the creature stared balefully at me, tossing his tail like a whip from side to side. I watched in  morbid fascination but for some reason this did not stop me from going on with my conversation. It seemed nothing could deter me from continuing my exchange with my friend. And of course I did not mention to her what was transpiring because I felt she would think I had lost my mind. Then the creature, along with the aquarium simply disappeared. It wasn’t until later that I knew it was God’s way of saying “STOP! YOU ARE MINE. YOU CANNOT DO THIS!

As Christians we are often reminded of God’s great love in even small things. I have never known God to fail in His promises. Sometimes when life has battered us down and left us limp with despair and we think we cannot take another step, He is right there with some small gift of consolation....a beautiful sunrise, an unexpected phone call, a letter, a book which was unavailable just that morning but is now being offered. And sometimes He will even give us our heart’s desire if it is good for us. He lifts the spirit and makes life just a bit more bearable and if we are close to God, we know this is His way of saying “I love you and I will never leave you”. What a powerful relationship we have with God as Christians.

Old time Southern Baptist Christians before communion offered monthly would stand up
one by one singing their favorite hymns such as “Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross”, and make a personal determination of their faith. It went something like this: “My determination is to go to Heaven to be with Jesus my Savior. Help me God to do right. This old world is nothing but trouble. Help me to love and forgive my enemies because that is what you want me to do. Help me Lord to give up my sinful ways and keep my eyes on Jesus for He picked me up when I was down. He carried me through all my troubles and brought me on through and I just want to thank Him. Thank you God. Thank you Jesus! This is my determination. Amen!” As Catholic Christians we must take that walk with Christ and childlike in our trust promise Him our faithfulness and our determination.

We Christians do not have to be afraid of anything for God has promised to take care of us. Our enemies lying in wait will scatter and all manner of evil cannot touch us if we are in God’s family. If we are called to die for our beliefs, our enemies may kill the body but they cannot kill the soul. When adversity befalls us, when world events puts fear in our hearts, we Christians know that God is ultimately in charge of all things. He sends His legions of angels before us to smooth the path, and gives us the understanding of the pitfalls we didn’t consider when we asked for things we shouldn’t have. A Christian indeed has friends in high places. We can walk through life with confidence for we know we are surrounded by God’s grace and love.

LOOKING back, there was a time when I felt the extreme closeness to Jesus Christ and God was that formidable power I would have to reckon with at the close of my life. Anything that went wrong, I called on Jesus. He seemed the gentle one. The patient forgiving one. The old hymn “Oh, How I Love Jesus, Because He first Loved Me” comes to mind. Then I started thinking seriously how much the Heavenly Father loves me. So much that He gave His only Son to die for me....insignificant me. Awesome!

As a Christian, my determination is to live as Christ wants me to live. If I get off His path, I pray that I will come back to it, so that I will be ready when Christ comes again and hopefully say, “I have come to take you home to My Father. Well done, my good and faithful servant. Come”

Isn’t it great to be a Christian?


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