Kathy Bernard - Publisher


Technology has reached an all time high these days. In 1969 when we put the first man on the moon that was phenomenal with everyone tracking the flight and monitoring its success but with the passage of time all this has been pushed aside and considered yesterday’s news. We can literally travel the world with our fingertips on our computers, even talk to them through voice printing and have the computer type up whatever is dictated. We use fingerprints as identification to enter private quarters, and use cards that have invisible coding to open doors in hotels. Planes are getting bigger and faster than ever, bombs and missiles are being built, too horrific to contemplate.

We are no longer shocked by reports of new leaps in science. Test tube babies gained headlines a few years ago which stunned the world briefly. Even the talk today about human cloning is becoming commonplace. We have already seen that it can be done with animals so it’s a safe bet humans will be next in line. The one thing however that man cannot do is give the clone a soul. Scientists are now stating there is even a way for painless childbirth. Of course, most of us who are women would welcome such a wonderful thing. But, at the same time, are we not invading God’s territory of how He wants things to be?

And so we sit and maybe contemplate man’s next big progress leap, shaking our heads at the wonder of it all, but we really are not that surprised for we have become desensitized. Like the Romans in the arenas watching Christians being eaten by the lions, we have become placid and bored, looking for that next thrill, that next big invention to come forth. We want more and more. Soon we will be watching our Phillip Televisions that will hang on the wall like pictures, and view the world by remote, seeing calamities which have lost their power to frighten. We have even become inundated to such things as human beings dying of starvation before our eyes on TV. This, we think will never happen to us. And so, we turn off our televisions and go quietly to bed, maybe saying a short prayer by rote, not sparing a thought of another’s misfortune.

Our minds have been clouded over by TV talk shows, in which the most terrific of sins are applauded and condoned by the hosts. Things which were formerly kept in secret are exposed to the world without shame. Private moments between two people are aired in public in front of millions watching, the consensus being "if it feels right, do it." In contrast our own sense of propriety is swallowed up by the shouting crowds and the media, our voices becoming weak and ineffectual, for our consciences have been polluted by the overwhelming stench of sin; things made valid by the gospel according to the current leading talk show host or hostess. Satan is now busily at work in the most powerful way as he tries to gain those last minute souls for Hell.

Such is the way of the world today. Parents, blinded by their own needs, are letting their children find direction by themselves. They are too busy enjoying their careers and other pursuits to sit with their children and read a verse or two from the Bible, or teach them a prayer. There is no familial comfort for that child, nor Christian guidelines except what is accidently shown on the shows they watch until they fall asleep. With a total lack of control, the world has gone wild.

Our God Who has been so patient for thousands of years, will certainly call a halt to all this one day and we will have to stand before Him and answer for our transgressions; the things we did and the things we should have done. So what shall we Christians do in the meantime? We can pray to the God who sees all things, Who promises to make all wrongs right. We can pray for strength. We can stand firm as the world around us goes crazy with self absorption and gratification. We can let our lights shine for all who want to see, a stark difference from the dark chaos that has become mundane. For in the darkness of the present world, our lights will become bigger and brighter, a beacon for the Lord.

As Christians, we have to ask God to give us the courage to remain steady in the midst of adversity and changing morals in the world today. We cannot forget that God’s commandments do not alter with time but remain as He has deemed them to be from the first day of creation. We need to remember the things He wants of us, not follow the trend of the masses, nor succumb to the immoral sanctions of those around us, but to listen with our hearts what God is saying, letting Him guide our footsteps in the path He has set before us. With God as our protector and Jesus as our Saviour, we can remain calm in the midst of a world that has gone wild.

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