Kathy Bernard - Publisher

How many of us know the power and love of God? Some are saying that their lives are their own, hanging on as if they are in control with no need to follow our Lord or defend themselves. But those of us who are believers know that without God, we are nothing.

Many of us do not doubt that our heavenly Father will give us a promise that one day we will be living a brand new life with God that will last forever. God promises that if we follow the road to Heaven, the Gates of Heaven will open wide and our Jesus will be smiling with open arms, and HE will take us to our Heavenly Father in glory.

Believe that HE will never leave us, Always know this earth is not our home and God tells us that He will give us eternal life where we will live forever.

WHEN we are suffering or wrestling with life's problems, He will send us comfort in big and small ways to let us know that He loves each and everyone one of us. Go to God in prayer. Believe that He is always with us.

JESUS Christ, Who gave His life for us, will stand waiting for us at that Golden Gate of Heaven with love in His eyes, and He will smile in joy. He will gather us in His arms and take us to His Heavenly Father in Glory.

BE vigilant, for we do not know when we will be called to our eternal home. Remember that for those who do believe, the Holy Spirit is there to guide and help us to stay clear of all things that displeases God. We are not on this earth for a perfect life but to prepare ourselves for eternity. Know our present life is an imperfect one at best. God does not want us unhappy here but this is just a “pass through" to our eternal home where there are no more worries, no more suffering, and no more tears and no growing old, no fears, no more dying or any of the frightening things we earthly beings face.

ARE we really free as Christians? Yes, we are, for we are free to change our lives and those we love with prayer. We are free to choose eternity with God rather than Hell. We are free to enjoy, to go on knowing that God takes up our heavy burdens and make them light. Without fear, He will protect us. We are indeed free!

IN the total sense of God's mercy, understand that faith makes us free from the uncertainties of this life. Our God sets us free from the shackles of hell and it's damnation; free to enjoy the coming rewards of Heaven and the freedom of eternal life.

SO, how will you use the “Free Will" God gives us? Will you choose it for wrongdoing or evilness? Know God will be our strength and our fortress.

Let's go forth with confidence and with JOY, With confidence for the world, one day our Lord will take us home where we will live forever. One day we will live the eternal life that God promises to all who believe Him. Let us go forth with confidence and joy! God will bolster us, and help us to keep our eyes fixed on the main goal Who is GOD, our Father!

Thanks be to our Heavenly God and His Precious Son, Jesus Christ!!!