FaithBook is a Catholic Publication that contains a wealth of information benefical to the Indian  Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM), and for all who may need inspiration, enlightenment and strength in our faith.

I am humbled to have three feature articles from my CatholicView Website published in this very unique and wonderful book for the young Catholics of India.  It is a great privilege and an honor to share in a small way this special endeavor for India's Youth.  Many thanks go to Pramila Fernandes, who heads the FaithBook Committee and initially wrote to me asking to use my work.  With the  tireless effort of Father Lazarus Chawdi, the ICYM Director of the Youth Movement, FaithBook is now a reality.  This is indeed a very special book written to encourage and influence the youths of India to greater belief and inspiration in our Lord.

Kathy Bernard

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